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Welcome to Personal Best Fitness

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Personal Training

Nutritional Consulting

Endurance Training

The Perfect 6 Weeks

Welcome to Personal Best Nutrition
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Included in The Perfect 6 Weeks Program
2 Hour
Personal Training

Cardio Workout

Strength Training

Core Strength Training

Free Weights and Machines

Flexibility Training

Functional Exercises

5 Meals a Day
plus 2 Snacks
Prepared for you by our Personal Chef. with food only to your liking, your meals will be delivered to you once per week in containers of the correct portion sizes. They will contain your prescribed calories, and correct balance of proteins, carbs and fats.   
Meeting with Dietician
Nashville's top Dietician will determine your personal nutritional needs.
She will then work with our Private Chef to prepare your specific meals.
She will also keep you accountable and on track.

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 "Not only did I get my body back, but I gained so much time in my day by not having to cook! This was the best thing I've ever done."
 "With the right nutrition and exercising, in a few weeks I went from 6 insulin shots a day to 2 shots a day. My diabetes is under control along with so many more aspects of my life"
 "This was the jumpstart I needed to get me back into exercising after a few years off"
 "I don't have to think, I just do what you tell me to do, eat what you provide and I meet my goals! This is easy!"

Thank you for your interest in our Exclusive 6 week program that is guaranteed  amazing results. To meet any fitness goal you must first and foremost, have a goal and then have accountability. And if change is what you want, and you want it now, there is no better plan than Personal Best Fitness’ plan The Perfect 6 Weeks.

We will coach, educate and empower you in the three areas of personal fitness and health: Nutrition, Cardiovascular Activity and Strength Training. Here is a short overview of what The Perfect 6 Weeks program entails.

  • First you will have 1 Meeting with a Registered Dietician. Nashville’s top Dietician will help you determine your eating needs and habits.
  • Next you will have 1 Meeting with our Personal Chef. A personal chef will prepare all of your meals to your liking and to the Dietician's requirements.

5 Days per week will include:
2 hr. Personal Training Session
Cardio Workout
Strength Training and Body Sculpting
Free Weights, Machines, Pilates and Tai Chi
Flexibility Training

3 meals per day
Prepared Frozen and Vacuum sealed meals
made just for you by a personal chef
Includes 2 Snacks

If you are ready to make change and you are ready to see results, The Perfect 6 Weeks will change your body and set you on track for a lifetime of health. If you are in the Nashville area or are planning to be in the Nashville area, here is your opportunity to make a positive life change that will impact you and your family.

Contact Personal Best Fitness if you have questions or you are ready to get started!       
 or call 615-838-4523 

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