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28 Day
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“ This commitment has been HUGE for me, but very rewarding!  I started watching what I was eating since the beginning of the year, and tried to do some sort of physical activity 3 days a week.  The whole exercise thing did not work out so well...I kept finding things to suck up that time.  February has been a completely different story!  I am logging everything I put into my mouth watching my calorie intake and trying to make improvements where necessary.  And this whole running thing has been just the challenge I've needed.  I think having to stay committed to someone besides myself has really made the difference.   It has been great.  I have not run consistantly since high school.  I may get on my eliptical every blue moon before, but now I actually look forward to getting on every day!  It may not be until 10:30 some nights, but I can say that I have not missed a day!"

" No matter how hot the summer day was or how cold the winter weather - I bundled up and went for a walk. We have the most wonderful places to walk and scenery to look at here in Westhaven.   Even that you just challenge us to walk or run one mile each day has helped.  Without this challenge and accountability - I would havestayed in on the rainy and snowy days.  Thanks for your encouragement and keeping us accountable.Now I look forward everyday to walking and making time for walking -thanks for getting me back on track."

"I have to say, THANK YOU, for this challenge. I can clearly go out and run a lot of miles, but I'm not consistent....i get busy, i'm tired, i'm stressed, i'm pressed for time, but what this has done's made me suit up, and say, "OK, it's just a mile.".....and i get moving and get it done. it's also really helped me leg up, and get ready for running again"

  • Run or Walk everyday in February without exception.
  • Run or Walk a minimum of 1 mile.
  • Log in and record your daily run.
  • Collect prizes for completing each week successfully.

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February 1, 2022

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